Wednesday, 1 November 2023 17:22

If we focus on 'what's strong, not wrong', we're more likely to overcome challenges.

We all need to develop resilient behaviours as we navigate and negotiate our journey through life's ups and downs. I've found that this is best done by helping staff, students, and families focus on their current strengths (what they CAN do) to raise the wellbeing, morale, and resilience of the entire school community. It's about recognising the strengths, resources and competencies needed for dealing with challenges rather than the deficits that result from them.

I've just been on a retreat during which time I have been reflecting on my strengths and how to utilise them going forward. Cultivating gratitude  certainly helps gain new perspectives. To everyone whose thoughts are turning to holidays right now, I hope you get the headspace required away from your routines to enable you to reflect on your strengths, and how they've helped you overcome challenges.

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