"Matt is recognised as a forward thinking, innovative coach with a flair for motivational communication and the ability to inspire individuals to maximise their performance"

Good coaching is essential

  • Matt first experienced the power of professional coaching as a Premier League and International Referee. The experience convinced him that coaching is essential for any leader who wants to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Matt went onto utilise a professional coach during his time as a leader in education in both the UK and New Zealand. During this journey, Matt qualified as a leadership and resilience coach, and a Mental Health Instructor and now uses these experiences to empower business leaders and senior leaders in education to achieve great results.
Matt Messias in class environment

Matt's distinctive coaching style

"Matt will develop a trusting relationship with you providing you with confidential, essential 'leadership reflection time' to: a) enhance your professional effectiveness and performance, ensuring the right balance of support and challenge to get you to take consistent action towards your desired outcomes and b) cultivate and develop your leadership skills to ensure your business is a sustainably healthy learning organisation, which prioritises psychological safety and embeds a positive culture of mental health and wellbeing."

Major features of Matt’s coaching:

  • Focus on relationships AND results
  • Learn to lead self before others by developing personal and professional life-long wellbeing habits
  • Prioritise areas of focus and growth
  • Empower your team to adapt to constantly changing environments in ways that unleash renewed energy, innovation and commitment


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A few words from Matt's clients...