School Professional Development

“...has resulted in significant improvements in the quality of teaching across the school.”

Ofsted 2018

Inspirational, educational impact on schools and Multi Academy Trusts

Read about the positive effects of engaging impact leadership in the UK and abroad

During Matt's years as Founding Principal of Atrium Studio School in Devon (when Ofsted praised him as “inspirational”), students and staff flourished under his clear, focused and engaging leadership.

Matt's Impact Leadership courses offer advice, support and CPD, specialising in:


  • Lead yourself before leading others

  • Developing a MAT/school-wide coaching culture

  • Leadership lessons from elite sport

  • Future-proofing student learning

  • Transformational and enduring change

  • Managing difficult conversations

  • Developing positive staff mental health, wellbeing, and resilience

  • Creating independent learners

  • Developing growth mindsets

  • Raising boys’ achievement

  • Tackling low-level disruption and behaviour management

  • Innovative classroom practice to improve student outcomes

  • Building resilience in all students

  • Year 6 ‘It’s cool to succeed’ series of workshops

  • Raising Aspirations for Pupil Premium students

  • Develop an Athlete’s Mindset (Year 10/11)

“The principal has a deep-seated commitment to ensuring that all pupils, particularly the most vulnerable, can succeed. This has been the driving force in the development of the school since it opened in 2015. As a result, all pupils feel welcome and able to contribute.”

“Teachers are motivated and positive about the training they have been given. It has resulted in significant improvements in the quality of teaching across the school.”

“The principal leads the school very effectively. He has a clear vision, based on a strongly held set of values. He is focused on ensuring that every pupil can aspire to success. He communicates his beliefs clearly and, as a result, enjoys the wholehearted support of pupils, staff, parents and carers.”

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