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Leadership Knowledge, Skills, Behaviours & Mental Health Support



Leadership Coaching, Staff CPD, Staff/Student Mental Health


Leadership is all about character

Matt is one of those rare, highly qualified, professionals who leads by example.

During his years as Founding Principal of Atrium Studio School in Devon (when Ofsted praised him as “inspirational”), students and staff flourished under his clear, focused and engaging leadership. Principles of integrity, compassion and a genuine desire to make a difference are the foundations of his work, underpinned by extensive experience and a solid track record of successful outcomes in New Zealand and the UK.

"Maintaining strong relationships is key: people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

Matt Messias

Matt's successful history of positive application

  • ‘Inspirational’ Principal (Ofsted, 2018)
  • NPQ Senior Leader Training Facilitator
  • Mental Health First Aid Instructor (Mental Health England, 2018)
  • Leadership & People Development Award (CESW, 2016)
  • PGCE Educational Leadership and Management Auckland University 2014)
  • Growth International Coach (Auckland, 2014)
  • FIFA, Premier League Referee (2001-2006)

Encouraging initiative

Matt has developed a culture of principle-centred leadership within all the organisations in which he has worked.

This has resulted in staff taking responsibility for results, using their initiative, having a clear vision and strategy, remaining consistently aligned with priorities, and developing positive working relationships with all stakeholders.

As a Premier League and International Football Referee, Matt was constantly under the microscope of the international media, and therefore was required to make crucial, immediate decisions under immense pressure. He was not only an elite athlete, he was managing a multi-million-pound business during every game. Managing conflict and stress, communicating decisions effectively to an audience of millions and making spontaneous split-second judgement calls whilst exuding an aura of calm were all part of the job.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Matt for a number of years, both within the education sector and also in the area of mental health. Having been a leader in many schools in several countries I would place Matt as one of the most highly inspirational and energising leaders and coaches I have ever met. Matt is a proven change agent and motivator, with an ability to gain the respect and confidence of all stakeholders.”

Sharon Jones (M.Ed BACP ACTO) Director of the Stress Less Clinic